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Strategy & consulting

World-class smart pumps and pump systems come from Dortmund! So it's only logical that the strategic conception of Wilo's product campaigns is also created in the same city - because they now come from our pen, whether for the overarching Wilo Group or for one of Wilo's national companies. We are proud to design Wilo campaigns that are more creative, more digital and more measurable than ever before.

Wilo celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2022. Founded by Louis Opländer as a sole proprietorship in Dortmund, Wilo has grown over the years to become the global market leader for smart pumps and pump systems in the fields of heating, air conditioning, cooling, but also drainage and wastewater pumping. In the meantime, Wilo is at home all over the world, employs over 7,000 people and has become one of the pioneers of pump technology and climate protection. To keep things running smoothly in terms of communication, Wilo relies on the Golden Generation for sponsorship activation and product and brand communication.

Concept & creation

Business-to-business communication often plays by slightly different rules than B2C campaigns. But both target groups have one thing in common: they consist of people! And they react similarly to high-quality video material, playful approaches and a little wink. Namely positively!
So before we provided Wilo's customers directly with highly technical details, we played out highlight clips like in the Wilo-Stratos GIGA2.0 campaign, made them go through a digital question/answer game like in the "Which MAXO fits?" campaign or put the visual focus on e-sports like in the campaign for the Wilo-Stratos PICO plus for the German market.

Implementation & reporting

Campaign communication the way we love it! We were allowed to develop the Wilo product campaigns from scratch, put a lot of brainpower into the idea approach, design all video and image creatives, write website texts and push the social performance campaigns into global target groups defined by us. Just once everything - wonderful!


Your contact person:
Konstantin Kleine

Goldene Generation GmbH
Hafenpromenade 1-2
44263 Dortmund

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