Strategy & consulting

In 2005, the insurance group SIGNAL IDUNA secured the naming rights for the Dortmund stadium. Given the discontent that changing the name would bring for many traditional-conscious BVB fans, we set aside sales-oriented activation measures for SIGNAL IDUNA at the start of the partnership. Instead, we developed a long-term three-phase concept for cautious activation of the naming rights, separated into the phases “Introduction”, “Establishment” and “Development”.

& creation

Particularly in the Introduction and Establishment phases, we entrenched the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK brand using our own black and yellow branding and the creation of fan-based activation measures, and contributed to the acceptance of SIGNAL IDUNA as a sponsor of the BVB fan base.

& reporting

Many of the campaigns and competitions remain a firm part of communicating the naming rights at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK which we as a leading agency control and implement in a uniform way. It is of course essential for our customer that this is echoed in the fan scene. As a football-loving agency based in Dortmund, we are something of a seismograph for SIGNAL IDUNA when it comes to the interests and demands of BVB supporters. 

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